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Art & Heritage Walking Tours – Artists, Musicians and Performers Selected

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Mole Hill Community Housing Society is very happy to announce the following artists, musicians and performers who have been selected to be a part of the City of Vancouver’s 125th Anniversary Event – Art and Heritage Walking Tours in the Gardens of Mole Hill on Saturday, August 20, 2011.

Irina Azarenkova – Painter and Storyteller
Sophie Brunet – Painter
Juhli Caldwell – Painter
Bob Craig – Mixed media
Alexander Finlayson – Painter
Karen Green – Fashion textiles
Debre James – Painter and musician
Robyne Johnson – Sculpture
Sonja Kobrehel – Painter
Penny Lim – Painter
Moneca Atley Loring – Painter
Vanessa Lowe – Painter
Stuart Mackay – Painter
Roz Maclean – Painter
Kate Moore – Painter
Jay Peachy – Painter
Sri Ananda Preman – Sculpture
Rachael Reid – Mixed media
Tamara Ryan – Jeweller
Michele Trask – Painter

Sioban Barker – Storytelling and textile arts
Shannon Ingersoll – Singer, songwriter
Lindsay Longlegs – Stiltwalker
John Pippus – Singer, songwriter
Double Rainbow – Accordian, Banjo, Vocals
Ashely Sommerville – Singer, Songwriter
South East Asian
Cultural Heritage Society – Dancers
Blake Elliott Jr. – Singer, Songwriter
Kelly and Co. – Roving ventriloquist
Casablanca Cowboys – Musicians

Thank you to everyone who submitted an application for this event!