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Art & Heritage Walking Tours – Thank You!

By admin

The Art & Heritage Walking Tour this past Saturday was a HUGE success! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us. You can check out pictures on our Facebook page. We will post up pictures here soon!

Special thanks to our guest speakers: Councillor Geoff Meggs, Hon. Hedy Fry, MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert, Michael Kierszenblat of BC Housing, Mole Hill Architect Sean McEwan & Vancouver Historian Michael Kluckner.

Thank you to all our sponsors and partners who made generous donations to the event!

  • City of Vancouver (125th Anniversary Grant)
  • Vancouver Heritage Foundation (Heritage Walking Tours)
  • MAB Ventures (Artist Recruitment)
  • Pink Pepper Creative: Vee Hui, Kristine Aquino & Angela Quiambao (Graphics & Event Planning)
  • Professional Mechanical Ltd. (Children’s Performers)
  • Gordon Neighbourhood House (Mole Hill Banner)
  • Phelps Apartment Laundries (Mole Hill banner)
  • Miller Thomson (Mole Hill Banner)
  • the Silent Gardener (Mole Hill Banner)
  • Terry Batstone
  • Galloway Botteselle & Company
  • Safeway (Davie St.)
  • Super Valu (Davie St.)
  • Whole Foods (Robson St.)
  • Costco (Pacific Blvd.)
  • The Costume Bank (Surrey)

    Thank you to all of our volunteers for all their help with setting up, taking down, and helping with running things during the event!

  • Blair Petrie
  • Doug Tomkinson
  • Alex Finlayson
  • Dee Moss
  • Don Allison
  • Martina Scholtz
  • Maureen Isberg
  • Jason Fu
  • Kevin Choi
  • Joshua Quiambao
  • Kristine Aquino
  • Katherine Barkley
  • Jan & Roz MacLean
  • Matthew Oliver
  • Paul Debbieson
  • Lyle Johnson
  • Katherine Batch
  • Clare Palmer
  • Graham McLardy
  • Marc Bourque
  • Elizabeth & Robert Kemp
  • Ed Calliou

    And last, but not least, thank you to all of the artists and performers who presented their works and to the Mole Hill staff for organizing such a wonderful event!

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    Art & Heritage Walking Tours – Sean McEwan & Michael Kluckner

    By admin

    Learn about the history of Mole Hill from the early settlers, Elizabeth and Henry Mole, in the 19th century to the present day Society! Join Sean McEwan and Michael Kluckner as they take you on a walking tour around Mole Hill to talk about how the beautiful heritage homes came about.

    The tours will be held at 10:00 am and again at 2:00 pm starting near the food station in the laneway. Check the map of the event to see exactly where it is.

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    Art & Heritage Walking Tours – Event Map

    By admin

    Each artist and performer has been assigned a number and placed around the grounds of Mole Hill. Most will be inside the gardens in the common areas of houses displaying their works while some of the performers will roam the grounds. The Main Square will be where all the central entertainment will be located along with the information booth.

    Click on the map below to see where everything will be on the day.