Current Vacancies

Vacancies are filled through a waitlist that is separate from BC Housing. In order to be put on the waitlist, please fill out an application form to determine your financial eligibility. You may return the application form to Mole Hill in the following ways:

  • Email it to:
  • Fax it to: (604) 687-1344
  • Mail it to: P.O. Box 93524 Nelson Park RPO, Vancouver, BC V6E 4L7
  • Drop it off at: the REAR of 1169 Pendrell Street house

Please note: Once on the waitlist, it is the responsibility of the applicant to contact Mole Hill every three (3) to six (6) months to update their interest in order to stay on the waitlist. Any applicants that have any new and/or changes to their income, household composition, or any other information that may be relevant to their application, please fill out an application update form and return it to the office.