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Board of Directors

Governance of Mole Hill Community Housing Association is the responsibility of the board of directors. Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting for a two year term, and elect a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Membership of the board is open to anyone who is a member of the Society.

The Board focuses on setting and achieving the mission and vision of the organization, rather than on the operational or administrative means of attaining those effects.

To contact the board write to:

MHCHS Board of Directors

Office – REAR 1169 Pendrell St.

Vancouver, BC

V6E 1L3



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Anyone who lives in Metro Vancouver may apply to the Directors for membership in the Society.

Our members are a vital component of the governance of the Society. Members are responsible for electing our board of directors, ratifying the annual financial statements and approving any changes our constitution and bylaws.

Members can more fully engage in the day-to-day activities at Mole Hill, for example by being able to join our community gardens, use the community room for private events, or by joining the board of directors.

Membership costs $5 per year.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Society, complete the form below and submit it to the office at the rear of 1169 Pendrell Street with the $5 fee. You can pick up a copy of the form at the office during office hours.

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*** Mole Hill is NOT currently accepting applications for tenancy ***

Mole Hill Community Housing Society operates 170 units of housing under the provincial HOMES BC program. This is a housing model where tenants are selected using a system of eligibility based on a range of housing needs and income.

When Mole Hill was restored in the late 1990s, most of the sitting tenants returned after the renovations were completed.

Today, many of our new tenants are in transition from situations of serious housing need. We work with advocacy organisations assisting people who are seeking housing and are in states of homelessness, refugees or families fleeing abuse.

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Support Society

Mole Hill Neighbourhood Support Society

The management and maintenance of the Mole Hill houses and gardens are the responsibility of Mole Hill Community Housing Society. However, the community has goals and aspirations which extend beyond the usual activities of the housing society.

To more fully engage with the non-housing goals of our community, the Mole Hill Neighbourhood Support Society was founded in 2019.

This society shares the goals and governance structure as the housing society, but it operates its own budget, seeks independent income sources and has its own staff.

The MHNSS community is currently focussed on providing advocacy and in-home support for our elderly tenants. In 2020 we partnered with Gordon Neighbourhood House to begin a weekly meal program which will provide a free lunches for senior tenants.

Other activities of MHNSS include education and advocacy related to community development and heritage preservation, historical maintenance projects beyond our current funding parameters, organising community art projects, and consulting about non-profit property management outside of Mole Hill.

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Above: Quentin Wright (left) and Doris Traynor (right) of MHNSS with Hiroko Demichelis of Vancouver Brain Lab. Hiroko is a former board member of our housing society and she helped found the MHNSS with a donation of $1,500 which was instrumental in starting our meal program.


Achievements & Awards

City of Vancouver Heritage Award – 1996

Vancouver Regional Construction Association Award of Excellence – 2004

Canadian Construction Association, Environmental Achievement Award – 2004

Heritage Canada Foundation & Heritage BC Award 2004

City of Vancouver Heritage Award – 2004

Canadian Society of Landscape Architects Award – 2005

Royal Architect Institute of Canada National Urban Design Award – 2006

Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation Award, Best Practices in Affordable Housing – 2006

Architect Institute of BC, Lt. Governor of BC, Special Jury Award – 2007

Smart Growth Project of the Year in BC – 2007

National Trust for Canada, Ecclesiastical Insurance Nominee, Resilient Places 2018

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Mole Hill is named after Elizabeth Ann & Henry Mole, early Vancouver pioneers who were one of the first Europeans to build a house in this neighbourhood. The name was unofficial until 1996, when the City of Vancouver approved “Mole Hill” as the official name for the block enclosed by Bute, Comox, Thurlow and Pendrell Streets.


28 of the houses on the block are owned by the City of Vancouver and leased to Mole Hill Community Housing Society for 60 years. A handful of properties on the block are privately owned.


No. Mole Hill is rental housing which is operated by a non-profit housing society.


A: All tenants pay 30% (or less) of household income in rent. Household income is assessed when a tenant occupies a suite and for many, on an annual basis.


A: Yes. A unique feature of the HOMES BC housing program is that there are two distinct streams of subsidy. One group of tenants has their income assessed annually and the rent is subsidized by BC Housing. The other group has the rent set on move-in and the Society subsidizes the rent to keep it affordable.

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