Houses at Mole Hill

Thirty of the thirty-six properties on the Mole Hill block are listed on the City of Vancouver’s Heritage Register. This enormously exceeds any other block, neighbourhood or location in the city and marks its uniqueness to any urban location in British Columbia.

Bute Street

Bute Street is named after Bute Inlet, which was named by Captain George Vancouver to honour John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute, the Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1762-63. Bute is an island on the West Coast of Scotland.

All the Mole Hill properties on Bute Street are listed in the City of Vancouver’s Heritage Register, including the Strathmore Lodge apartment building. Click below to find information and photographs of each house.

1086 Bute Street (Strathmore Lodge) *COMING SOON*

1004 Bute Street *COMING SOON*

1010 Bute Street *COMING SOON”

1116 Bute Street *COMING SOON*

1122 Bute Street *COMING SOON*

Comox Street

Comox Street was named after the Comox Peninsula on Vancouver Island. The Comox Peninsula is named for the K’omoks people – a group of indigenous Coast Salish people in the area.

Click below to find information and photographs of the houses.

1110 Comox Street *COMING SOON*

1114 Comox Street *COMING SOON*

1120 Comox Street *COMING SOON*

1122 Comox Street *COMING SOON*

1126 Comox Street *COMING SOON*

1132 & 1134 Comox Street *COMING SOON*

1136 Comox Street *COMING SOON*

1140 Comox Street *COMING SOON*

1146 Comox Street *COMING SOON*

1150 Comox Street *COMING SOON*

1154 Comox Street *COMING SOON*

1160 Comox Street *COMING SOON*

1164 Comox Street *COMING SOON*

1170 Comox Street *COMING SOON*

1180 Comox Street *COMING SOON*

Pendrell Street

Pendrell Street is named after the Pendrell Sound, which was named in honour of Alfred Pendrill Waddington,

Thurlow Street

Thurlow Street is named after the Thurlow Islands. Captain George Vancouver named the islands in 1792, after Lord Chancellor Edward Thurlow (1732-1806)