Community Partners

1181018105-1Mole Hill was built on community partnerships and the society continues to recognize and support the importance of this component today. Mole Hill has numerous partnerships with community service organizations, including:
untitledWatson House – one of our houses which we lease to Coast Foundation Society, who operate a live-in program for young people with mental health issues.
dr peters logoDr. Peter AIDS Foundation - a day health program and 24-hour nursing care residence for people living with HIV/AIDS. They also rent some units at Mole Hill.
UntitledHeart House Society - a non-profit society which provides temporary housing in one of Mole Hill’s apartments for people from non-locals recovering from heart surgery at St. Paul’s Hospital.
mc larenMcLaren House – a minimum of 10 units are reserved at Mole Hill for people who are living with HIV.
ymca logoYMCA Daycare - the main floor and basement of one of the houses.
modo logoMODO The Car Co-op – use four parking spots for their vehicles at Mole Hill.
wera logoGordon Neighbourhood House has served as a community hub in Vancouver’s West End since 1942. They help co-ordinate the community garden plots at Mole Hill.
van farmers marketVancouver Farmer’s Market – every summer from June to October. The Farmers’ market uses the Comox Street front for a community market.

West End Farmer's Market on Comox Street

West End Farmer’s Market on Comox Street