Is Mole Hill a Co-op?

Mole Hill is not a Co-op. Co-ops are properties owned by the residents. A share price is generally necessary to move in and all residents are required to provide sweat equity in taking care of the housing units.In comparison, the land on which Mole Hill houses sit is owned by the City of Vancouver. The Mole Hill Community Housing Society owns and oversees the upkeep and administration of the buildings themselves, under partnership agreements with the City and with BC Housing.Tenants of Mole Hill do not pay a share price, nor are they expected to contribute work as part of their tenancy agreements. That said, volunteerism is the heart of the Mole Hill Community. Many tenants do donate their time and energy to community efforts: participating in the gardens, creating and attending social nights, and helpingĀ  with events.Tenants are also welcome to become members of the Mole Hill Community Housing Society, and attend meetings and vote during the general elections at the AGM. A number of the members of the MHCHS Board are also tenants.

Where is Mole Hill?

Mole Hill sits in the block framed by Thurlow, Pendrell, Bute, and Comox Streets, two blocks north of Davie Street and one block west of Burrard.

Why is it called Mole Hill?

When the residents and community activists wished to preserve the heritage homes on the block, they needed to find a name which would describe both the heritage and geographical features of the community that they were attempting to save. Henry and Elizabeth Mole were thought to be some of the first settlers to the area, and this block is at the highest elevation in Vancouver’s West End. Hence “Mole Hill”, a far catchier name than “Block 23, District Lot 185”.

How long is the waiting list?

That depends on what you’re waiting for and when you’re asking. In general, there is a longer wait for subsidized suites than for market suites, and a longer wait for couples applying to one bedroom suites or for families applying for two or three bedroom suites. When apartments come up, the list often gets quite a bit shorter as people on the wait-list may have found housing in the mean time.

Is there visitor parking available?

Yes, but like all parking in the West End, it is limited. There are 3 visitor parking spaces, which are used on a first come, first served basis. You must display on your dashboard a visitor’s parking pass from the tenant you are visiting in order not to be towed. There is a 72 hour maximum time limit to visitor parking usage.There are also 2 hour curb parking options on both Comox and Pendrell, as well as metered parking on Thurlow which is free after 8pm. On Davie Street between Bute and Jervis, there is an underground parking lot available. It is beside the Independent Grocery on the north side of the street.

Are pets allowed in Mole Hill suites?

Yes, pets are allowed but on a one pet limit per suite. You are not permitted to house exotic pets. Please direct all inquiries to our main office for more details on how far this rules extends and provide examples.