How to Become a Tenant

NOTE: Mole Hill is not currently accepting applications for housing. Our wait-list is closed.

Mole Hill Community Housing Society works in partnership with BC Housing and the City of Vancouver. This means that there are some criteria that applicants have to meet before being considered for housing at Mole Hill, which primarily has to do with income level and family size.

  • A single person will be considered for a bachelor.
  • A couple will be considered for a one bedroom apartment.
  • A couple or single parent with one dependent will be considered for a 2 bedroom apartment.
  • A couple or single person with two dependents will be considered for a 3 bedroom apartment.

There are, unfortunately, no larger suites.

Household income will determine what sort of apartment you may be eligible to apply for. There are “low end of market” apartments, deep core-need subsidy apartments and shallow core subsidy apartments available at Mole Hill.

Low end market means that the rents represent 90% of the true market value of the unit in comparison to like properties in the West End. In accordance with our operating agreements, rent is geared to income for those who require a subsidy and residents can expect to pay no more than 30% of their income, and no less than 20% of their income, on rent each month. Income reviews are conducted annually for those who require a subsidy to determine continued eligibility for subsidy.

Market rent units are subject to maximum allowable household income limits. An applicant’s gross household monthly income can not be greater than five times the rent amount.

Where the market rent is greater than 30% of the applicant’s gross household monthly income an application for income tested assistance may be made. Eligibility for a subsidized rent amount is dependent upon available funding from BC Housing.

All residents must have their household incomes and assets verified at move in regardless of whether subsidy is being requested. Mole Hill uses BC Housing processes and forms for calculating rent amounts. Documentation of income amounts and sources is required.

PLEASE NOTE that Mole Hill works off a wait list and requires all applicants to update their interest and any new information every three (3) to six (6) months to keep the wait list short and up to date. Please fill out the Application Update Form and mail it to 1169 Pendrell Street (rear), Vancouver, BC V6E 1L3 or drop by the office.