Mole Hill Neighbourhood Support Society


Mole Hill Neighbourhood Support Society

he management and maintenance of the Mole Hill houses and gardens are the responsibility of Mole Hill Community Housing Society. However, the community has goals and aspirations which extend beyond the usual activities of the housing society.


To more fully engage with the non-housing goals of our community, the Mole Hill Neighbourhood Support Society was founded in 2019.

This society shares the goals and governance structure as the housing society, but it operates its own budget, seeks independent income sources and has its own staff.

The MHNSS community is currently focussed on providing advocacy and in-home support for our elderly tenants. In 2020 we partnered with Gordon Neighbourhood House to begin a weekly meal program which will provide a free lunches for senior tenants.

Other activities of MHNSS include education and advocacy related to community development and heritage preservation, historical maintenance projects beyond our current funding parameters, organising community art projects, and consulting about non-profit property management outside of Mole Hill.

Above: Quentin Wright (left) and Doris Traynor (right) of MHNSS with Hiroko Demichelis of Vancouver Brain Lab. Hiroko is a former board member of our housing society and helped found the MHNSS with a donation of $1,500 which was instrumental in starting our meal program.