Kits-Fairview Girl Guides

Girl Guides is an all-access pass to unlimited adventures, countless confidence-building moments and ready-for-anything skills. Guiding is where girls shine as they take the lead and explore new challenges designed just for them – all with the support of girls and women who cheer them on every step of the way. The Kits-Fairview Girl Guides (9-11 years) and Pathfinders (12-14) meet weekly at Mole Hill.

Dr. Peter Centre

The Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises funds to support innovative health care at the Dr. Peter Centre. Located at Mole Hill, the Dr. Peter Centre is British Columbia’s only HIV day health program and 24-hour nursing care residence, a leader in HIV care, particularly for individuals with multiple medical conditions and social barriers. Founded in 1992 by Dr Peter Jepson-Young, the first facility opened at St Paul’s Hospital in 1997. The Dr Peter AIDS Foundation became an important partner in the campaign to save Mole Hill and the concept of a standalone facility was incorporated into the remediation plans for Mole Hill. The current centre opened in 2003.

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The Society offers affordable accommodation to heart transplant patients and their loved ones near St. Paul’s Hospital. Since 2004 that has included a suite at Mole Hill. They have housed over 190 transplant recipients to date.

Ron Bayne and Peter Quinn met after heart transplant surgery in 2001. They quickly learned that for many transplant recipients, finding an affordable place to stay during the few months of post-surgical recovery was a significant challenge—and a source of financial stress. The Heart Transplant Home Society was formed to address that challenge, so other heart transplant recipients can focus on what matters most: their health. HTHS is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. 97% of every dollar raised goes towards directly supporting heart patients and their caregivers.

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Watson House



Watson House was built in 1897 by James Gillott, and the first owner was Reverend Cloverdale Watson. Watson House is a typical Vancouver house of the Victorian era and originally stood at 909 Thurlow Street. The house was moved to Mole Hill by the City in 1989 after being donated to the city by the owner.


What They Do

Watson House houses young adults who are living with a mental illness and who require support services to reintegrate into the community. These services are provided by the Coast Mental Health, additionally as are transfers to the Watson House



In 2018 Watson House was nominated for an award from the National Trust for Canada, recognizing the viability of heritage sites which benefit to a community over a sustained period of time.


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