Henry Mole's residence at 1025 Comox Street in 1995

1888-1912: Growth of a City

The City of Vancouver was incorporated in 1886. From a population estimated at 5,000 in 1887, it grew to nearly 14,000 by 1891. Separated from the original downtown core of Vancouver, the West End offered its residents space and a tranquil domestic environment. Before long, streetcar service offered West Enders ready access to the offices, businesses and amenities downtown.

The earliest Mole Hill house which still stands is at 1160 Comox Street and was built in 1888. By 1912 the thirty Mole Hill properties currently listed on the City’s Heritage Register had been built.
In 1881 Henry Mole married Elizabeth Anne Paull. In 1889 he leased his farm in Southlands and moved to a house he built at 1025 Comox Street (pictured), so that their children could attend school.