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In the 1990s dozens of community groups advocated for the preservation of Mole Hill. Their goal was not only to save the heritage buildings but also to enhance the neighbourhood so that Mole Hill should be regarded as a community hub for everyone to enjoy.

Mole Hill Community Housing Society continues to work in partnership with other non-profits to support programs and services which maintain the thriving sense of community at Mole Hill.

Community Gardens

Our gardens contain 76 plots as well as plentiful common areas with herbs and fruits available to all gardeners. Half of the 74 plots are for residents of Mole Hill and half are for residents of Vancouver’s West End.


Mole Gallery

The Mole is a pop-up gallery, open every Friday from 1-5pm and features one West End artist each month during spring and summer months.

Farmers Market

The West End Farmers Market is open at Mole Hill every Saturday from May to October. The market is a partnership with Vancouver Farmers Markets – a registered non-profit society that operates nine weekly neighbourhood farmers markets throughout the city.



There are three daycare centres incorporated into the Mole Hill Block, all beautifully situated in the heritage properties and with outdoor play areas situated in gated gardens.


Mole Hill is a hub for community celebrations of all varieties. Each year brings seasonal dinners, cultural events, music concerts, art exhibits, lane sales, political meetings, pride celebrations, children’s parties, garden clean-ups, pot-lucks, barbecues and just about anything else you can think of!

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Various partnerships and organizations associated with Mole Hill.